Saturday, April 28, 2012

I don't have to.....

It's the day before the annual Bundaberg music eisteddfod. For the last ten years I have spent the day running about like a nitwit, organising things, getting keys to venues, writing lists, checking rosters, buying paper clips and pens, preparing information for adjudicators, reading the program a zillion times, making a list of what I am going to wear every day for the next week and so on and so forth. This year I am not doing any of those things because I am no longer the coordinator for this event. I have no responsibilities except for preparing my few students, turning up and accompanying a couple of competitors. You know what? It's delightful! I'm actually looking forward to going to the Eisteddfod tomorrow and being able to leave when I'm finished without waiting for the session to finish. I don't have to liaise with adjudicators about their responsibilities. I don't have to decide when the morning or afternoon tea break will be. I don't have to arrive at the spooky dark theatre to open up for the evening session. I don't have to get home and worry that I left some of the millions of lights on in the aforementioned theatre or that I didn't put the alarm on as I left. I don't have to deal with parents of competitors who have a many a question, want to change something in the program, want to give me advice about what we should have done here, there or everywhere. I don't have spend two days ushering choirs on and off the stage and Civic Centre or setting up 50 stands and chairs for concert bands or orchestras according to the exacting requirements of the group's teacher. In fact, I don't have to do very much at all. This is just as well because I actually have no idea how I would manage to fit all that in around my job and my study this year. Don't get me wrong! It's a great event but I decided I had done my bit and I wanted to be able to focus on other things. Other people are now taking a turn. That's the way it should be I believe.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yo Yo Ma.......

It's ages since I posted any music to The Spiralling Shape but I've been inspired by a couple of things over the last few days. They both involve Yo Yo Ma - amazing cellist. Firstly, on Sunday night, I joined my parents for a viewing of an episode of the West Wing. They're on a reviewing marathon and currently in the second series where Josh Lyman is recovering from his gunshot. Yo Yo Ma features playing at a Christmas event which triggers Josh's post traumatic stress. He plays the beautiful Bach cello suite (Yo Yo Ma that is, not Josh Lyman). Then this evening while rehearsing with a cello student for the eisteddfod I asked if she had listened to any recordings of the Piazolla tango we are playing. Sure, the Yo Yo Ma version on youtube. Here it is: and here is the Bach G major... by way of a little contrast...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

a new grey zip up cardigan thing

I have just arisen from the lounge after a three hour (give or take) nap. I was very tired and it was a lovely nap as well - the kind where you go to sleep properly and sometimes get confused when you open your eyes as to the day and time. This is the kind of Saturday I haven't had for ages. My Mum and I went for coffee this morning first up. I hadn't eaten breakfast so I had a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich. It was simple but yummy. I even had it made on White Bread. Yes! I know...very bad indeed. Then I came home and had a short rehearsal with a cello student who is playing a lovely Piazolla tango in the Eisteddfod in a few weeks. We both need some more practice so she is coming back on Tuesday evening. Then my Mum and I went shopping. I have been curbing my shopping habits this year much to the delight of my bank balance. But I let fly this morning and came home with three pairs of jeans, four tops and the kind of comfy grey zip up cardigan thing that is perfect for weekends and after work during what passes for winter here in Bundaberg. It will replace my previous grey zip up cardigan thing which is now years old and sometimes fails to zip. It might be time for a wardrobe clean out very soon I think. Then I had the nap. And now I am drinking a beautiful cup of lady grey tea. Somehow I have managed to run out of coffee. Aaack! I mean, I know I only drink decaf so it doesn't really count but I just don't understand how I could have let that happen. Once again, it's a domestic goddess fail from me.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter to dos

For some people, some very good and organised people, Easter is spending time with family, going camping, relaxing, eating lots chocolate etc etc you get the picture. For me this year, it's four days that I have been holding out for in the hope of getting a heap of things done that haven't fitted into the run of the mill two day weekend. Here is my list.
1. Finish assignment for Collections Management - due Friday - done
2. Start assignment for Management Issues - not done
3. Edit paper on Chris Lilley and change referencing from intext to endnotes - not done
4. Prepare Moodle video resources for Weeks 7, 8 ad 9 - not done
5. Finish performance review docs - not done
6. Dust the house - not done
7. Do all the washing, and then put all the washing away - not done
8. Vacuum and/or sweep the floors REALLY thoroughly - not done
9. Tidy up mountain of shoes in wardrobe - not done
10. Buy sister's birthday present for tomorrow - done
11. Nap - done some, more planned
12. Read - done some, more planned
13. Watch TV - done some, more planned
14. Eat chocolate - not done yet, planned