Monday, November 30, 2009

Heigh Hooooooo.......

And so it dawns. Monday November 30. The day my friendly work voicemail tells callers I will be "returning to work". I guess I better go then. It's difficult to believe it's been four weeks since I've been in my office. It feels like I've been in some kind of timewarp, where no time has passed at all, yet lots of things will have happened while I've been away.

My wonderful admin officer (who is also named Wendy) has been keeping the ship sailing while I have been away. Apparently, there is a growing pile of documents on my desk marked "For Wendy, when she gets back". I'm looking forward to that. Also, I have managed to keep my resolve and not check my work email AT ALL. Perhaps by the end of the week I might have that under control.

And so, I put on my make-up and my watch for the first time in weeks and trundle off.

Maybe if I'm really lucky I'll get to do some date-stamping.


2paw said...

Dear Wendy, I hope your day has gone well thus far, and that your email is not too daunting. Perhaps if it is, you could get some paper copies: someday your prints will come!!

Wendy said...

Paper copies would destroy a large Tasmanian old growth forest sad to say. So it looks like my prints isn't arriving any time soon.

I have whittled through 600 plus emails making it down to 50 or so that actually need reading....*sigh*