Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday shopping: My obsession with filigree continues

This morning's shopping expedition was supposed to be about groceries and groceries only. It didn't turn out that way. Groceries took a back seat as I found bargains and other things I just felt like buying.

Here they are for you perusal and enjoyment.

Firstly, we have little cats. Some of you may remember the cat challenge we set our students last term. Well, being full of originality as we are, we are doing it again this term. So on Monday morning, two VERY lucky students will receive three little cats each. Now, who wouldn't want to win that I ask you?

Next up it was all about earrings. I have become a little bored of my jewellery lately. Although if you looked at my dresser you might wonder how that is possible. Never mind. Here is what I bought myself for a present this morning. My obsession with filigree continues unabated. And you see the cute little spirals. I am in fact wearing them right now.

Then into Colorado where the only time to buy clothes is when they are right at the end of their winter sale. Two shirts 50% off. YAY. And also a grey courdoroy handbag marked right down. (I have forgotten to take its photo so you will all need to use your imagination).

And The second pair were 50% off so my dear Mum and I shared the deal and got a pair each. Here are mine. I thought they were cute.

Last but by no means least was a browse through Angus and Robertson where they had a throwout bin of notebooks that were 75% off. That's correct. So I splurged out 5.50 and got these two lovely books. My motto is that you can never have enough notebooks. These will either go into my queue or be used as gifts.

I have refrained from taking a picture of my pantry and fridge which now have food in them.


Catriona said...

The shoes are indeed adorable. Are they flats? I seem to remember you don't really wear heels. Bless whoever decided that flats would come back into fashion a couple of years ago!

i like the spirally earrings, too. Tres cute.

Wendy said...

yes they are flats. I can't wear heels at all for any length of time or my back suffers for a week. How sad to be so decrepit!

Yes the spirally earrings caught my eye straightaway.

Now I need to look for some new rings :-)

2paw said...

Who, indeed, would not want those kittens??
Such nice shopping. I haven't bought any new shoes this Winter. No green shoes anywhere. I am thinking of knitting some wire earrings, but your spiralling ones are great and I love the cute little bobs.