Wednesday, August 18, 2010

feline misdirection

I am distracting myself from my doctor's appointment this afternoon with this picture of the cat.


2paw said...

Hope the distraction works and all goes well. We have no water, broken pipes in the yard somewhere so I am trying to distract myself, but with little success!!!

The Second Half said...

I hope the distraction worked, and did not leave you catatonic, but rather cat = a tonic!
Sorry, a really really bad pun I know.
Hope the visit to the doctor was all good.

Wendy said...

2paw...perhaps you need to borrow my cat..that sounds like a disaster zone!

News is the operation is three days in hospital and up to four weeks off as recovery. Bigger than I thought. Oh well. In next Tuesday so getting it done sooner rather than later which is one good thing.