Monday, November 8, 2010

something for the shelf

Here is the real thing. I have held it in my hand. First thought...what a relief. Second's shinier and a bit bigger than I imagined. Third thought...I am scared to look inside in case I find a mistake. I think I shall just put it on the shelf for a while.


2paw said...

Holding it in your hand makes it real. There will always be a mistake in a large work, no matter how many times something undergoes proofreading etc. I think they will look lovely on the shelf and I think the cover is fabulous!!

Wendy said...

Thank you. I do like the cover as well...and can't take any credit for it. The graphic designer at the printer did the whole thing. I shall ignore any mistakes found I think :-)

The Second Half said...

It looks so good !! How exciting to hold it in your hand and feel how real it now is !! Love the cover.