Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Countdown 6: Gleeful Jingle Bells

It's a little Jingle Bells Glee style. Sadly, Glee has gone all ridiculous in its second season (if that is indeed what we are up to). Instead of being a drama/comedy/satire of life in high school USA - style with musical accompaniment, it is now a High School Musical, with storylines thin to the point of non-existent. The only interesting character left is Kurt. Anyway, I continue to watch it because the musical arrangements and choices are pretty amazing.

I may or may not buy this Christmas album. It's a toss-up between that and the Messiah. Oh wait...I already own the Messiah.

Decision made then.


2paw said...

At first I was a fan, I was Glee-ified, kept thinking I would watch it every week: the passion's died.
And I spent so many nights thinking how it had gone wrong. Not the songs, but all the other carry on.....

Wendy said...

And now it's lost
Can't find its way
Glee has changed, not for the better,
(just like Will and Grace)
It's so sad to see it slump when it could have been so good
Relying on its guest stars there ain't much fun in school...

(That's the best I could do...yours is much better!!)

2paw said...

Thank you, thank you very much!!!!