Thursday, March 17, 2011

ramblin' through the week

This is just a little ramble through my week. Teaching is going well, but as a colleague and I discussed this afternoon we have to cram a whole heap of skills and content into the first month of the term to get our students to the first assignment. This makes for lots of preparation, lots of reading for the students, and classes which are go go go. I have managed to keep up with my study readings and started on my assignment. This weekend will be all about evaluating and posters.

Apart from that, my piano students on Wednesday afternoon are absolutely delightful. The youngest is racing ahead through his book in leaps and bounds. For the last two weeks he has arrived with at least one, if not two, extra pieces ready to "surprise" me with. And the determination of my two adult students is admirable and inspiring.

Tuesday we were grilled at work in a series of meetings with an external consultant who has been employed to do a review of preparatory programs and support services at uni. I think what he might have found that there are many issues which feed into the uni's high undergrad attrition rates...many of them in the undergrad faculties and programs. Unfortunately, that might not be within the scope of his review. I had a lot to say and I said it. Let's face it, you usually only get one chance with these things so I went for it...very politely.

TV wise I have been studiously avoiding the news. Not because I am not gravely concerned and saddened by recent events, but such is the power of seeing it over and over again on the telly that it all gets too much. Instead, I have continued my love affair with cheesy sitcoms, watching Scrubs every night on one of the Channel Seven repeat stations. Tonight, I am going to catch up with Big Love from last night, and then watch either Pie in the Sky, The Amazing Race or All Creatures Great and Small. I am recording 30 Rock as well as some program that sounds mildly interesting about the High Street in the "olden days" on the ABC at 8:30. I enjoyed David Attenborough on Sunday evening. I also watched Bones although I am sick and tired of Channel Seven stuffing around with random repeats. I mean really, a couple of weeks we see The Gravedigger get her head shot off outside the courthouse and then last Sunday, we discover who she is. Stop it! Still, the science-magic is all very gobbledygooky and entertaining. It makes me feel smarter when I watch it, even though I don't understand what they're talking about, I still manage to follow what's happening. That's quite a writing feat.


2paw said...

So many interesting topics.
I am glad your piano students are earnest and you are enjoying teaching them. I liked learning the piano too, but I did not always do my homework!!
Often these consultants don't want to hear what we really want to tell them we aren't in their parameters. I think speaking up while you have the opportunity is an excellent idea!!
Yes to Pie in the Sky, Scrubs, 30Rock and I haven't watched tonight's High Street yet. Next week the Mrs Bradley Mysteries are being repeated. I remember I really liked them and wished for more. Attenborough was fabulous and I loved those carves out trilobites.
Why did they burn off all the new episodes of Bones on Monday as well, and now they have repeats?? The people in charge have no idea frankly. I do like Bones, even after all these series it is still very amusing and entertaining.

The Second Half said...

oooh Pie in the Sky !! I always end up soooooo hungry after an episode with Henry, and I'm determined to make a nice pie soon, with real home made pastry. This is still one of my favourite shows of all time. Delicious.

Wendy said...

Yes dear 2paw I totally agree with the stupidity of the Bones scheduling. While it was a treat to have two episodes a week now it means they are all gone! Gaaah...

And those I will have pretend my healthy salad is a lovely homemade pie I think :-)