Monday, May 9, 2011

the end of a little era

The Bundaberg Music Eisteddfod is over for another year. I spent the weekend sleeping in a bid to recover from a hectic week. For the last 10 years I have taken on the official position of "music coordinator" on the Eisteddfod committee. This year I decided that I had done enough and finally made the decision to step down. I will continue to be involved with my students, perhaps some accompanying and a little bit of volunteering during the week, but no longer will I be responsible for getting out the schedule of competition, timetabling the venues and sessions, photocopying the program, taking it to the music stores for sale, monitoring our email account and answering numerous queries from music teachers, parents and students. I also won't have to look after a week's worth of prize money, ferry adjudicators from venue to venue all week, organise the start of most sessions and fill in at the last moment when volunteers don't arrive. There will be much less lugging of boxes of music and folders up and down stairs, and more enjoying of the music. It's the end of a little era for me.


2paw said...

You certainly had enormous and arduous responsibilities!! They will miss your expertise but I think you will be more enthusiastic about your participation???

Wendy said...

you are exactly right!