Wednesday, January 4, 2012

He got rhythm

Ah the first Wednesday of 2012. How exciting! Well not that exciting actually but I had to start this post somehow. What's Wendy been doing I hear you wondering? Not very flipping much to be truthful. I have been doing bits and pieces on my assignment. Although part of me is wishing I hadn't taken a summer subject I know that in the long run I will be very glad to have it completed. Apart from that there has been a fair amount of sleeping and reading. Of course there has been TV watching but that's no different to any other time of the year. I am very happy that ABC2 is rerunning Doctor Who from the beginning of the Christopher Eccleston series. The story lines were a lot less complicated back in 2005 weren't they? I mean, honestly, I could barely follow all the time-travellin' hijinks in the last series. Also watching Billie Piper emphasises just what an ordinary companion the Amy Pond character is compared to the previous gals - Rose, Martha, Donna. I am not sad to hear that she is leaving. I actually prefer Rory. How about a cool male companion for the Doctor? Any enough of that Doctor Who talk. What else have I been a'watching? On the weekend I found I had recorded An American in Paris so I watched that. Firstly, Gene Kelly is an astonishing and amazing dancer. Sure, he did like to get carried away with dream/fantasy dance sequences but that's forgivable. The music of Gershwin is timeless and one of my absolute favourite things in the whole world. I had missed the dry genius of Oscar Levant the first time I watched this movie (which was some years ago now). Here's a little treat for you: - you'll have to go to youtube I'm afraid as "embedding is disabled by request". Here's another absolute treat though! Such joy!


2paw said...

yes, you will appreciate having completed the subject later on: delayed gratification. Was it in the Joe Maddison's War show that Melanie Hill said gene Kelly has a big behind- or was it Kevin??
I have not caught up with the end of the last season or the Christmas Doctor Who yet, but I am going to watch the ABC2 episodes again. In the olden days there were lost of exciting companions and I am looking forward to some who are not all doe-eyed about the Doctor.

Wendy said...

I didn't watch Joe Maddison's War even though it looked quite good.
Yes I keep reminding myself that I will be happy to have this subject done before the year starts.

Exactly! That is why I liked Catherine Tate's character the best out of the new companions.

djfoobarmatt said...

My kids went mad for Singing in the Rain when my son did it for his school musical (just the song). We watched that YouTube clip a hundred times.

Wendy said...

I do love the song and clip a lot too...not sure if I could cope with that intensity of viewing though :-)