Sunday, March 11, 2012

nothing very interesting really

Nothing much of great consequence has been happening. Work is still slightly over the top although things are slowly settling down. It has been great to start actually teaching. I have a lovely bunch of students on campus and some great ones studying by distance as well. The week seemed to go by in a flash. I am definitely back into a routine. Monday work and choir. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday work and piano teaching. Friday work and collapsing in front of the telly. Saturday and Sunday a mixture of work, study and shopping. Then - whaddya know - it's Monday all over again. I am attempting to be more organised this year. I am diligently using my diary and writing daily to-do lists. I am also attempting to keep my desks under control - both at home and at work. So far so good. My biggest achievement is with my email inbox at work. Usually, it stretches on for miles but this year I set up a workable system of folders and every day I spend a few minutes filing the completed emails away so all that is left in front of me are the flagged ones that still need my attention. It's so much easier and lessens the usual looming magnitude of the email considerably. The other thing that I have managed to change is my diet. Less carbs by probably more than half (which breaks my heart as I love bread and pasta) and lots more fruit and veges. I make a salad nearly every day for work. Next step is to start doing some exercise but I am going to wait for the weather to cool down a bit. I am not fond of exercise and I have no idea where I am going to fit it in but it needs to be done. Gradually, I am getting my life in order. After last year it just had to be done.

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2paw said...

Well done on your new email sorting. I love my email folders. I can't keep my desk tidy though. I love potatoes and sour-dough bread and pasta: so many carbs, so little time!
Yes, exercising is best done in the coolness!!