Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter to dos

For some people, some very good and organised people, Easter is spending time with family, going camping, relaxing, eating lots chocolate etc etc you get the picture. For me this year, it's four days that I have been holding out for in the hope of getting a heap of things done that haven't fitted into the run of the mill two day weekend. Here is my list.
1. Finish assignment for Collections Management - due Friday - done
2. Start assignment for Management Issues - not done
3. Edit paper on Chris Lilley and change referencing from intext to endnotes - not done
4. Prepare Moodle video resources for Weeks 7, 8 ad 9 - not done
5. Finish performance review docs - not done
6. Dust the house - not done
7. Do all the washing, and then put all the washing away - not done
8. Vacuum and/or sweep the floors REALLY thoroughly - not done
9. Tidy up mountain of shoes in wardrobe - not done
10. Buy sister's birthday present for tomorrow - done
11. Nap - done some, more planned
12. Read - done some, more planned
13. Watch TV - done some, more planned
14. Eat chocolate - not done yet, planned


2paw said...

Ahh, I can see as the list progressed the really important things appear and some have been done already or you have Really Firm Plans!!!

Wendy said...

Yes...I did manage to get to the rest of the things...but by the end of the weekend...not the end of the weekend!