Monday, June 6, 2011

the beach

Yes indeed I spent four days at the beach. These photos are from the iPhone 4 which I must say has a far superior camera in it than my previous phone. The weather was stunning. They were perfect Queensland winter days.


The Second Half said...

Beautiful photos, and made me think of when I used to live in Torquay. Was the little pier the one in Torquay just down from the boat ramp? If it is, I spent so many summer holidays climbing up and diving off that at high tide. It used to be about twice as long, then a cyclone took out a few of the end sections. It was never fully repaired at the time, and some of the end posts fell over. It was a wonderful toy, and I had so many barnacle scraps on my hands and feet and didn't care, because there was always ice-cream to eat on the way back up the hill! Thank you so much for your lovely images, made my night!!

Wendy said...

Thank you. Yes it is Torquay. What great memories! I lived in Hervey Bay when I was in my early 20s. Isn't it funny? I barely went to the I think I would be there every day if I lived there. So beautiful.

2paw said...

It all look so beautiful and otherworldly, it being all white and icy here. I am glad you had a serene time!!