Thursday, June 23, 2011

feeling guilty

It's Thursday afternoon and I am sitting at work feeling guilty because I haven't posted to my dear blog for some time. It's not because nothing has been happening. On the contrary lots has been going on. I just haven't had time to process it properly, let alone write and reflect about it. But here I sit, about to give it a whirl.

Let's start with last weekend and our mid year choir concerts. Each year the Bundaberg Orpheus Singers perform a classical, sacred concert and then a concert of lighter music. This time around was the classical concert so there was lots of Alleluias, Amens, Glorias and the like. We were joined by the Toowoomba Vocal Ensemble whose conductor is the sister of our conductor. It was c-c-c-c-cold at the Saturday evening concert in the big Catholic church in town. When I wasn't playing my hands were wrapped in the extra coat I had taken with me in an effort to keep warm. It didn't really work. The Sunday afternoon concert weather was much more civilised. By the time that was all over I was slightly weary as I had only arrived back in Bundaberg on the Saturday morning from Brisbane. I had spent two days at the Happiness and its Causes conference at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Many of the speakers were thought-provoking as well as thoughtful. I particularly enjoyed Jane Goodall, Mathieu Ricard, Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton, as well as B. Allan Wallace. The conference is run each year by a Buddhist institute and it was beautiful to hear people talk of the values of compassion, empathy, kindness and community. There was lots to take in. Lucky for me I bought a number of books (as I always do) so there is time now to read and inwardly digest. I also met some twitter friends in person. This was an absolute treat as they are no longer imaginary but real! (if you know what I mean). This Saturday I go back to Brisbane with the Jinxster to see Jesus Christ Superstar. We had originally booked to go in February but the season was flooded out so these are our replacement tickets. Before that though, tomorrow is the first Orientation Day for our term 2 students. We have 29 eager students of all ages, sizes and shapes ready to go. At least I hope they are ready to go. Where the mid term break has disappeared to I am not quite sure.


The Second Half said...

Wow, you have been busy! And so many good things, and positive things! Sounds so wonderful. 8-)

2paw said...

The Happiness conference sounds intriguing and I can't imagine it being cold enough for an extra coat!!! I remember the ill fated JCS, I hope this one goes well!!