Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday shopping and other things

So today was Saturday. Hurrah. I slept in until 6:45 and then jumped out of bed, raced through the shower, dressed, drove to pick up my mum and sister and by 7:30 we were relaxing for breakfast downtown at Indulge. Mmmmm. Poached eggs. Coffee.

Then it was straight back to parents' place to drop my sister home again as she is not a fan of grocery shopping, a quick pit stop to get petrol and then forward ho to Hinkler Place (yes that is the name of one of our shopping centres for non-Bundabergian readers) and into Woolworths. I have long since given up on Woolworths fulfilling their promise of being the fresh food people. Those slowly defrosting mandarins I bought a couple of weeks ago put paid to that. What was frustrating today was I wanted to buy a new toothbrush. Just one toothbrush. For me. It seems suddenly it is impossible to buy a single toothbrush. I had to buy a pack of three because that is all there was to choose from. And I guess when I say "choose from" it wasn't really a choice. Oh and they were out of the only cat food that my cat eats. Luckily there is still some in the pantry.

A short sojourn around the shopping centre followed where I a found a dark red courdouroy skirt for half price. Excellent. By then it was around 10 so we made our way to Sugarland (yes I kid you not non-Bundabergians that is the name of our other shopping centre). Here I got some prescriptions, Mum and I split a two for cheaper offer at Rockmans (I now have a black long sleeved shirt) and I checked out the junk jewellery at Equip. It was even too junky for me to want to pay 3 dollars for anything so that is saying something.

A quick stop at home after dropping off my mother. I made a lame and token effort at putting away my groceries (i.e. I got them out the bags but left them on the bench for later). Then I drove back uptown to meet the Emster for lunch at Rosiblu. Mmmmmm. Some good conversation and minestrone soup. And coffee.

A quick drive back home to pick up my phone which I had somehow LEFT THE HOUSE WITHOUT. EEEEEEEK. And then we rendevoused (not sure if that is a word but whatever) at a house on the way to Bargara with some other choir members to discuss the New Choir Uniform. An hour and a half and a cup of tea later it was time to drive home, do some internet faffing and then go to meditation. Before I got home I stopped at Target and bought some rather stylish new jarmies, one pair of which I am wearing now. They were on special. Bargains. I refused to pay 10cents for a plastic bag as I find that objectionable, preferring instead to walk back to my car with what looked like an armful of washing.

So in all in all a good Saturday.

No nanna nap though. I shall remedy that tomorrow.


Lindy said...

Sugar and Hinkler - sure says Bundaberg to me. How percipient of the town councillors/developers to name shopping centres with such imagination. Here at Bribie, the shopping centre is called 'Woollies'. Can you guess why?

Wendy said...

Woollies? that is very obscure isn't it.

(We sometimes call them Woolies as well...or Big Dub)

And's a creative place old Bundaberg ;-)