Monday, September 20, 2010

No zooming for me

Yesterday I drove.

Today I drive.

Tomorrow I will drive.

I have driven.

It was like I had never been out of the car which was good. I am just a little more cautious than usual with braking into corners and at the lights. In my mother's words I have had to stop my typical "zooming" just because I am little tentative with the seatbelt leaning on my stomach. Still, there were no ill effects. I drove around and about the neighbourhood, to Foodworks, and to my parents' house and back. It was all very exciting.

In less exciting news I only have two more days until I go back to work. But in more exciting news, when I do go back to work there is only a week and half until the term is finished. This is good. Some marking of essays will await me, and a STEPS Completion Ceremony on October 11th and then I am done, done, done with teaching for some time. Let's say....MARCH.


2paw said...

I am glad you enjoyed your non-zooming drive!! I heard on the radio today that the Pedestrian Council wants all cities to have a speed limit of 40kph, no zooming for anyone then.
Terms are weird, we have just started back today for the last term of school. You organised your recuperation very cleverly. March????!!!

Wendy said...

Goodness 40km...that would result in some severe traffic jams in some cities I imagine.

Yes March...we have a term 3 that runs from November to February but our program doesn't teach over that. So March is when our next classes begin!
Research work for me from now until then :-)

The Second Half said...

It's great to hear you are so much better and now zooming...almost.
Months of nothing but research sounds soooo good. Enjoy!