Monday, September 13, 2010

There's no place like home

I am sitting at home. My home. On my comfy lounge. With my cat who has clearly missed me. Evidence of this is his attention seeking behaviour and desire to sit as close to me as he possibly can. I am enjoying the view of my back garden from my large (newly cleaned) windows and listening to music. Oh, and I am also writing a blog post. I have had my first cup of vanilla green tea since August 23. It was lovely. And I have just been visited by a friend from choir who brought a pretty arrangement of flowers which I have had to banish to the bedroom away from the flower destroying cat. You'll have to take my word for it that they are nice as I forgot my iPhone cable to take photos. I am also revelling in my newly painted green front door and my proper doorbell. It's brass. I would give you photos of them as well but see the sentence above about the iPhone. Perhaps later.

Later on another friend is going to visit which will be delightful. And then I plan to watch some dvds that have been waiting on my shelf for many a month. It will either be the Scorsese documentary on the Rolling Stones or my series on American comedy Make Em Laugh. Both of them are yet to lose their plastic wrapping so you will understand it's a big moment.

As far as operation recuperation goes things have moved ahead in leaps and bounds since my last post. Well perhaps not leaps and bounds, but steady steps at a strolling kind of pace. I have been going for a walk with my Mother every afternoon. We now make it about ten minutes or so which is good. I have also been grocery shopping, to Bunnings, to the beach, out to lunch, out to breakfast and to the doctor (not necessarily in that order). I can lean down and pick things off the floor if I need to. I can make my own cups of tea and light meals and snacks. I can sleep on my left side. I look forward to the day when my belly button stops hurting when I lie on my right side. It's okay for a short time but then something starts to pull. Because the big thing they took out was on my right side sometimes it feels like I am hollow there. I don't go back to work until September 22 so am looking forward to keeping on keeping feeling better every day. The best thing about this is that when I do go back there is only a week and half of term to go and then I am done, except for marking some essays. After that it's research research research until March. Bliss.


2paw said...

Well no wonder you are feeling 'empty inside' Good news that you are able to look after yourself again. Your life sounds so exciting:a trip to Bunnings!! Your new green door sounds wonderful!!
Happy recuperation.

Wendy said...

yes today was a little test. I am having one more night at my parents...and then home...although will still need my mum to drive me places!