Saturday, September 18, 2010

wasting time on facebook and the like

I'm now very good at walking, going for walks of about 15 minutes a day plus extra walking round the shops, at the beach, round the house and yard etc. My panadol intake has decreased markedly. I can sleep on either side of myself which is lovely and amazing and will never be taken for granted EVER AGAIN.

I will be starting to drive again either tomorrow or Monday so I will be able to take myself places. Again, this will never ever be taken for granted.

I have spent the week watching the following:

Firstly, Shine a Light on The Rolling Stones. I wanted less live concert footage and more archival footage. Still, I had to be impressed with Mick Jagger's stamina and energy. And I also had to be impressed with Keith Richards. Just because, you know, he was not only upright, but could actually play the guitar.

I then rewatched No Direction Home, perhaps the finest musical documentary I have seen. Bob Dylan is fascinating, but what is more interesting is the era of social and political upheaval within which Dylan is situated.
Here is the song that struck me the most:

Then I bought myself the Black Books complete series on DVD. Because at the moment I'm quite into buying myself presents. I have made it through Series 1 and 2. I am saving up 3 for tomorrow. Here is my favourite moment so far:

(embedding is disabled but it is well worth going to YouTube for a look)

I also finished rewatching Series 1 of Beautiful People which I adore and am about to start Series 2 this evening.

Apart from that there has been a number of outings for coffee and lunch, my mother's birthday today, and a fair bit of sitting on the lounge wasting time on facebook and the like.


2paw said...

You may think that now, but there will come a day when you roll over in bed, or drive your car, and it will be just like before. But I think you should revel in your rolling over and driving exploits!! I am glad you are feeling better. You will not be surprised to know that I am neither a Bob Dylan or a Rolling Stones fan, I expect I do know some of their songs. Yes, I do.
Black Books -Most amusing!!

Wendy said...

Yes planning to drive this afternoon which will be exciting. Stupidly, I stepped in a hole in the footpath yesterday and rolled my ankle but it is not too bad. I am actually a Beatles fan first and foremost :-)
Black Books has been keeping my spirits up indeed.