Friday, October 15, 2010

intensive arts and cultcha

The end of the week is here once more. I welcome it with a headache and a weekend of film going and concertising ahead of me. Yes I realise "concertising" is not a word. I have just made it up. We are lucky enough to have the Sydney Travelling Film Festival here in Bundaberg this weekend. It starts tonight with South Solitary starring Miranda Otto and directed by Shirley Barrett. All I know is that it's set at a lighthouse which is good enough reason for anyone to go to a film. More lighthouses in films is what the world needs. I'm sure you agree. Then tomorrow I hope to get to Creation (about Charles Darwin) and one more in the afternoon before rocking up to the Barolin Street Uniting Church for our Orpheus Singers Concert "Flying Free". The theme of all songs is birds, flight, etc etc. Then Sunday morning there is a art market at the Art Gallery from 10am, another performance of the choir concert at 2pm and then I plan to get to the final film, Exit through the Gift Shop, a documentary about Banksy. On Monday I may well be a little tired.

We're not used to such intensive arts and cultcha in these parts.

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