Sunday, October 3, 2010

Post op poetry

Who knew that one of the effects of having an operation would be that you start writing weird, and quite possibly,very bad poetry? Not me, but it's happening whether I like it or not. So in the interest of any Spiralling Shape poetry aficionados I now have a companion blog for poems only, (so as not to alienate any SS readers)

You have been warned.

To write is to draw a map: tentative explorations in creative writing

(something I have never been good at)

The link is down the sidebar as well.


2paw said...

I shall not feel alienated, at all, though I cannot help saying things like: I think that I shall never see, a thing as lovely as a poetree.
I see that you are a far more sensitive and mature poet than I will ever be.

Wendy said...

oh that's a kind thing to say...although I also do like
Spring is sprung, the grass is riz...etc