Friday, October 29, 2010

Well hello Friday

Well hello Friday! Thanks for this awesome headache you have seen fit to bestow upon me. It's really proved helpful as I worked away to meet my quota of words this morning about satire and the television mockumentary. Haha on you though because I got them done and am feeling very pleased with myself. Perhaps this afternoon you might like to bother someone else with a headache and leave me alone. I have to go into work you see and those two things (work and headache) rarely play nicely together. It's just a suggestion you know, but I would appreciate it if you could give it your full consideration.
With all good wishes


2paw said...

The days are cruel to you, I think it is very unfair they inflict headaches on you. Hope you feel better soon.

Wendy said...

it seems to have receded now thank goodness :-)