Sunday, July 3, 2011

the latter

This is my first Sunday with no commitments of any kind for many many moons. It's either been trips away, concerts, assignments, marking or rehearsals for what seems like forever. Not that I'm complaining. All those things are good (well except perhaps for the marking) but it's lovely to wake up with absolutely nothing to do.

Last weekend was the trip to Brisbane to finally see Harvest Rain's Jesus Christ Superstar. The Jinxster and I flew down and met up with our theatrical star friend Jason before and after the show. The lovely Rhonda also joined us taking the spare ticket we found ourselves with. Although we didn't get to see the original Judas because he had broken his ankle during the previous Wednesdays performance ON STAGE, this was still the most energetic show I had seen in forever. In fact I will go so far to say that it might be the best musical Andrew Lloyd-Webber ever wrote before he got all faux-operatic and obsessed with cats.

Last Sunday was made memorable because I got to meet twitter friend @kirsty_l in person. That's right! People on the internet are real. And delightful, witty and intelligent. And sometimes, if you're very very lucky they have yummy pavlova which they share with you over a cup of tea. The previous week I had the good fortune to meet @Shallow_Thought and @JohnGunders. It was a cool breezy Friday afternoon at Southbank and we talked about all sorts of things to do with humanities, social media, PhDs and otherwise over a cup of coffee. Again, this was a wonderful treat!

Sunday night dear Grant and Kate took me out to dinner. I had the most beautiful lamb I have ever eaten. Also, a starter of cauliflower and truffle oil soup which was tasty as well as dessert of sticky date pudding. These are a few of my favourite things. I did get a strange look from my brother when I told him I had met some people from The Internet. This was closely followed by a short lecture from me to him on the value of Twitter with the instruction that he shouldn't dismiss something before he tries it. Then we chatted about the Dalai Lama, social justice, community work and other wonderful things. Finally on Monday the Jinxster and I made our way to Anne M's at Clayfield where she fed us home made pizza scrolls before we jumped back on the plane to Bundaberg.

Holidays are now over as the teaching term starts tomorrow. This means I could either choose to work all day on bits and pieces OR I could just muck around reading and listening to music in between doing mundane tasks like the washing. I think I choo-choo-choose the latter.


Andrew said...

hmmm sticky date pudding .... my fav

Wendy said...

it's always a winner isn't it? !

2paw said...

It is always fabulous to meet Imaginary Friends and find out they are just as nice in real life!! So glad you enjoyed JCS. I think I remember someone surreptitiously playing a record in the classroom in Grade 6.