Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Countdown day 9

Well there are so many questions about this film. My first one is when did we get so skimpy with the size of our Christmas paper hats? These ones are monsters!


2paw said...

Well, the beckoning Father Christmas was a tad scary. We had pillowcases instead of stockings too. This is not to far from what my childhood Christmases were like, I'm almost as old as this film!! Oh my, I'm glad the kitten wasn't wrapped, and who gives their best friend a dog?? Yes, you're right, they're hats worthy of a Bishop!!

The Second Half said...

This is so like my childhood Christmases, and I'm old enough to have been one of those children in the film. The lady playing tennis looked so like my Mum and she loved playing tennis. I actually cried watching this as it brought back some very emotional and lovely memories for me. The bush picnic was one.