Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I interrupt this regularly scheduled Christmas Countdown to bring you some exciting news. I am on two days leave. That's right. TWO WHOLE DAYS in the middle of the week no less. It's scandalous really. After working the whole weekend, I was still recovering from my tired and cranky of last week so in a fit of something (pique perhaps?) I decided to use up some carer's leave. It's not that I won't be doing work things but I will no feel obligation to spend the whole day at the computer. I might get some Christmas shopping done. I might go out to lunch. And coffee. I might actually get to fold and put away three weeks of washing. I might get out my Christmas decorations. I might do lots of things. Or I might have a nap, lie on the lounge and do some reading. Who knows? So far I have had a sleep-in and eaten breakfast. If my life was a Facebook game I'm sure that would get me past the first level.


The Second Half said...

Wise use of carer's leave, taking care of yourself! If you work out how to decorate a Christmas tree while napping on the couch, let me know. :)

Wendy said...

I didn't manage the Christmas decorations...or any of the other things. I did go out for lunch and then shopping. It was a lovely relaxing day :-)

2paw said...

mental health day, that what people I know call it. And I am glad you felt the benefit!!