Monday, August 24, 2009

Dearest Monday

Dearest Monday

I wore my happy red shoes with silver buckles and my shiny red bracelet in an effort to ward off the listless ennui of you, the first day of the week. However, it seems your magical Monday powers are strong. Stronger indeed than some cheap shoes and blingy accessories. For you threw me a great number of challenges - some tasks, some technological, some people, some financial - without any thought of whether or not they would make for a good day.

Here's a little tip Monday, free of charge from me to you. If you want people to like you, and say things like "Oh bliss and glee, why can't every day be Monday?" (instead of complaining bitterly every time you arrive) you might want to try treating us all with a little more respect. You could even throw some happy happy joy joy moments in there.

Just a thought.

Your sincerely



jinx said...

Was it really that bad??? I was very tired but managed to get through it with minimal hassles. Should I bring muffins to the meeting tomorrow???

Wendy said...

you missed the fun times while you were in class.

yes muffines!! it's wendy c's birthday on wednesday!!! we can stick a candle in one