Sunday, August 9, 2009

What Wendy Watched: I really have to look away for the forensicky stuff

For those of you who have been on the edge of your computer keyboards waiting for my verdict, I did watch the United States of Tara again this week. My comments about Toni Collette being absolutely fabulous still stand. I'm still less sure about is the overall tone of the program. Is it meant to be funny? Dramatic? Melodramatic? It seems to have a toe in every paddling pool. (What the hell is that writing's Sunday afternoon pls forgive me). In the effort not to provide a patronising portrayal of the dissociate identity disorder I find myself wondering if they've gone too far the other way. Surely, it can't be just so everyday and ordinary for her and her family living the life they have. I know there is angst and trouble depicted but still it's feeling a little awkwardly pitched. That might just be me. I shall continue to watch with interest.

And now this evening I am in a total television watching dilemma. Finding myself without the means to record anything (HURRY UP LG WITH MY DVD RECORDER) there's going to be a whole lot a flipping going on. The Einstein Factor is cuddly early evening Sundy night viewing which is non-negotiable. I'm nuts for trivia (and make an excellent trivia night team member if I do say so myself). But then where to turn? To my shame for the last few weeks I have returned to Dancing with the Stars, even though I swore once they got rid of Daryl and Paul Mercurio I would no longer grace it with my television gaze. But you know, the glitz, the glamour, the awkwardness, the blind contestant, Helen Ritchie's increasingly bizarre's sucked me back in. But then there's Australian Idol starting. Although I can probably miss the audition shows and just get up to date once there's a top 10 or 13 or whatever they choose. And then at 7:30 Stephen Fry in America. Will he be as entertaining as Billy Connolly? Probably not fair to compare them really - such different styles. But still I guessing it's eminently watchable for a Sunday night. So what to do? (And it's thanks to Mr Fry that I've started glancing at Bones, against the advice of my mother who is an aficionado of the books and says the TV series is rubbish). Even though I really have to look away for the forensicky stuff. Because I am so much a wuss.

Hmmm...this post seems to have taken a wayward turn. Oh well.

I haven't even mentioned the cricket where it looks like Australia actually might win! And Little Miss Sunshine - which I love but probably don't need to watch in a long drawn out ad-infested way on television.


2paw said...

I don't know how you can exist without the ability to record!! I can record 3 things, and watch a fourth. Soon I hope to be able to record 4 things at once!!!
I recorded Fry (on the phone to my mum) and I watch Bones for David 'Angel' Boreanaz(sp??)
Other than that I have watched about 20 episodes of Medium in the last few days and there are only 3 episodes of Bab 5 season 3 to go.
I agree about TUSoT. I am not sure what they actually want to be either. It may settle down???

Wendy said...

i'm not existing very well actually!! it better come back this week all shiny, new and repaired or else i may get quite cranky!
yes mr angel is another good reason to watch bones.
that's an impressive amount of tv watching. i too am hoping tara settles to speak!