Wednesday, May 12, 2010

morning is breaking

Cue Grieg/ Cat Stevens....or other appropriate morning toons. This is the second week of the New Regime. The New Regime (in case you missed it) involves me dragging myself from my nice warm bed and staggering outside to go for a walk as the sun is coming up. To make it more interesting I stop everyone five minutes or so and click a photo. Here are the best of the most recent for your perusal. I didn't realise I had the ye olde Kodak film on my hipstamatic this morning but what a nice surprise.


2paw said...

Ah, not having an iphone I am not familiar with 'apps' at all!! Well, I hadn't realised you had a regime, but it is resulting in excellent photos. In the highland here it was real temperature minus 13 today!!!

Wendy said...

apps are very exciting indeed! -13??? we're thinking we're freezing and it supposed to get All the Way Down to 12 tonight :)