Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: I kept falling asleep

It wasn't the most auspicious week of TV for Wendy simply because in my post Eisteddfod exhaustion I kept falling asleep at inopportune the last ten minutes of The Colbert Report, or during the mildly interesting documentary on music videos that I chanced upon on ABC2. Still, I did manage to get some viewing in by the end of the week where I did manage to stay awake through entire programs. Let's have a little look see shall we?

Sunday I fell asleep during Doctor Who. Normally this would be a disaster but going by the highly informed commentary at Circulating Library I didn't miss too much. Phew. Strangely I did stay awake through Bones. Why could that be I wonder?

Monday was of course everybody's favourite geek, nerd, academic sitcom The Big Bang Theory. I don't care what anyone says I like it. So. There.

Tuesday I slept through The Colbert Report as mentioned above and then attempted to watch The IT Crowd Season One on DVD but fell asleep so took myself to bed. Because if there's one thing you don't want to do, it's fall asleep during The IT Crowd.

Wednesday was for a little while the highlight of my viewing week with Beautiful People. It has been replaced by Psychoville which I turned off after 10 minutes because quite frankly it was slow, boring, dire and worst of all...Not Funny. I still maintain my self-imposed boycott of Spicks and Specks and refuse to watch The Lowdown because it too is mediocrity televisionified.

Thursday however was television GOLD. Glee. I admit it. I am a Gleek. This Madonna themed episode motivated me to look up the original music video to Like a Prayer which when I was a wee young thing in high school I remember dominating Rage for quite some time, as well causing a bit of a ruckus religion wise. Embedding is disabled by request thank you youtube, but I'm sure you can trundle off there of your own accord and watch it if your heart so desires.

And then, The Graham Norton Show...adoration from me to Graham. Plus this week's guests were John Cleese, Martin Clunes and some other guy who was quite witty. And then they hauled on Jane Turner for the last few minutes.

No TV on Friday night because we had a choir concert at a retirement village down at Bargara and the Jinxster, the Emma-ster and the Bevan-ster and I went for pizza. So I missed Being Eric and LoveSoup. No great loss. These are not complex programs. I'm sure I'll manage to catch up.


2paw said...

I accidentally saw the Graham Norton show too and it was quite amusing. I ahve not found it so in the past and yes, Jane Turner was wheeled out at the end.
Hope you can manage to stay awake for TV this week. I have 3 or 4 Bones to catch up on as yet.

Emma said...

And wasn't the dinner nice BUT don't you think Bevster and Emster sounds better ;)

Wendy said...

sure thing...from now it is the Bevster and the Emster.....and the Wenster :)