Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I could barely even be bothered watching TV

I am making it through the week in a post-Eisteddfod haze. Let's all thank our lucky stars that Monday was a holiday because I was incapable of doing anything on the weekend past sitting on the lounge and staring into space. I could barely even be bothered watching TV as it took too much concentration of which I had none left. The eisteddfod did run smoothly and was a great week but now I am exhaustipated. Last night I fell asleep in front of The Colbert Report and spilled chamomile tea over myself and the lounge. Tonight I made it through until 8:20 before succumbing to dreamland. Luckily I had finished my tea by then. I have just now managed to stagger through the shower and will be ready for bed very soon.

All this blathering on about being tired and sleeping is simply a way of saying that normal Spiralling Shape activity will resume in a few more days. Until then I remain Weary, Slightly Cranky, and not all that Interesting To Be Around.


2paw said...

Oh I say 'exhausticated' but it's nice to know it's a proper Aussie word.
I hope there is much less tea spillage and you recover quickly.It is a poor show having to go to bed at Old People's time!!!

Wendy said...

exhausticated...that's a good word too.

yes it's all a bit pathetic falling asleep so early...I am slowly getting back to normal