Sunday, May 24, 2009

did i hear anyone say derivative?

Television, usually my main source of inspiration, relaxation and entertainment has been less than fascinating over the last few weeks. I'm not sure why. I just haven't been that interested in it. Too much marking, eisteddfod, end of term etc. The Eurovision song contest was a pleasantly kitschy and engaging surprise but apart from that, nothing much has been noteworthy.

Over the last few days I've watched a few things though.
Spectacle with Elvis Costello on Friday evening on ABC2 was it's usually high quality self. The guest was Herbie Hancock. If there's one thing I'm not it's knowledgeable about jazz. I mean, I'm really a jazz dunce and have had never had a desire to learn more. I mean I'm always impressed with the technical proficiencies, love the standards, but often simply find myself wondering "where's the tune?". Herbie was articulate, interesting and a great pianist as Elvis asked a lot of intriguing questions. But still the thought that came to my mind was the wonderful line from The Committments that "jazz is musical wanking" (excuse me!). And I probably have remembered that properly either but it's rather a striking statement.

Saturday was the usual Grandma's night in watching New Tricks. I love this show. It's all warm and comforting, with classy British actors hamming up their characters just the right amount, with an engaging mix of drama and comedy. I did some marking during SBS's new sports quiz show, imaginatively titled The Squiz ( did I hear anyone say "derivative"?) and then was taken by surprise as Rockwiz started early. My that guy from Presidents of the United States of America was fun as a guest. And it reconfirmed my opinion (stated previously here) that Julia Zemiro requires a live audience to be funny. As always, snappy and entertaining.


2paw said...

I, too, like New Tricks and next week it is new New Tricks!!! I am sure the ennui will pass.

Wendy said...

new New Tricks! Well that has made my morning improve no end already. plus a doctor next Sunday evening as well to look forward to!