Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Annual Libran Lunch

Today was the Annual Libran Lunch. Three of my friends and I have our birthdays in late September, early October and for the last few years have made a point of getting together for lunch. Of course, we get together for lunch at many other times during the year, but another excuse is always welcome.

Here's something you need to know if you go out to lunch with a group of Librans. It will take them ages to make a decision on what to order. They will agonise over the menu for some time, discussing the pros and cons of each item. Then in the end they will usually go back to what they always have.

Today the venue was the always wonderful Indulge. Two of us (the Anne/Anns M and H) split the mediterranean lamb burger while the other two (Jinx and I) split the BLT. No surprises there. Jinx and I did also share the mini serve of chips with garlic aioli. Mmmmmmm.

Luckily we had decided on the nice, sharing, balanced, all round Libran approach to ordering because unbeknownst (?) to us to three of us, Ann H had nipped into Indulge yesterday and organised surprise dessert for our birthdays. Red Velvet Cupcakes topped with sweetened cream and strawberries were the order of the day. They were very red and utterly delicious. I wish I had taken a photo.

Sadly, this may have been the last of the Libran lunches for the four of us in Bundaberg as one of our number is decamping to Brisbane in a week or two. To live.
However, the three of us will soldier on. Or perhaps we will find another unsuspecting Libran to invite into our exclusive little astrological clique.


2paw said...

I don't think Librans have the whole 'can't choose' thing to themselves. I like to share, often we order two things and share half each!! What a lovely friend to order such a delicious desert.
I did accidentally read your post title as 'Librarians'!!!

Wendy said...

haha...none of us are librarians...although i did once consider that as a career.
dessert was delicious indeed.
perhaps you're right about the inability to choose...although more often than not i end up two of things like clothes and shoes when I can't decide...just get both!