Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wendy's on the tube

I did a strange thing yesterday and created myself a Youtube channel. It's me, playing the piano. I have never thought of Youtube as anything else but a site to look up old music videos (and don't worry I'll continue doing that).

Lately, however, I have felt the urge to play the piano, for fun. I had lost my love of doing that throughout the process of the PhD, as well as having the love of playing sucked out of me by doing too many accompaniment jobs up at the theatre and other places. It wasn't until bookclub the other week when I remembered how much I used to enjoy sitting and just playing that I started doing so again. Three things are responsible for this mainly - Gershwin, Leonard Cohen and Daniel Johns. I am currently obsessed with rediscovering the Gershwin catalogue, singing and playing Hallelujah, and joy of joys, singing and playing After All These Years.

Anyway, now I have my very own DYI piano project. I don't claim to be a brilliant pianist ( but I love melody so I think that will dictate the videos I post. It's all very lo-fi...just my iPhone and me. The wonders of modern technology never cease to amaze me and I now adore my iPhone just a little bit more.


2paw said...

I almost called my post 'Finch gotta swim' the other day but now I can sing along with you and Ava every day, if I want: loving your channel 'sick'. I know all the tunes!! Very exciting, lovely piano playing and a beautiful colour choice too.

Wendy said...

oh that would have been a great title!!
Do sing a long.
There's another one coming up in a moment (I've actually done four this morning...but I think I'll pace them out...maybe!)
yes green green green :)