Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Hello...what's the time"

Dear Apple Incorporated

Just a quick note to advise that here in Queensland we do not have daylight saving. I mention this only because I was pretty happy when my iPhone alarm went off at 7:35 and then I had a bit of a further sleep in until what I THOUGHT was quarter past eight. Imagine my surprise and confusion when I walked out into the kitchen to see the clock on the wall showing 7:15. Oh well I thought to myself, the battery probably needs replacing. But then, no....I turned on the computer and it too said 7:17 AM. What's going on? I have ultimate trust in your products Apple so of course I presumed that there had been some kind of strange time shift/warp thing going on. Just to be on the safe side I rang my parents. The conversation went like this:

Father: Hello
Wendy: Hello - what's the time?
Father: ummmmmmm (clearly wondering if I had lost my ability to read and tell time).....just after 7.
Wendy: Bugger.

So here's my suggestion. Let us control the time on our iPhones by ourselves. That way on a particular Sunday morning in October I won't be all happy that I had managed to sleep in, only to be sorely disappointed on realising I haven't.

Kind Regards


Jill said...

LOL that's funny! :)

2paw said...

Ahhh you poor thing. My computer changed its time, the DVR did it last night at 7pm and I have to do my own mobile phone. Mine is out of the ark. I hate this timey-wimey confusion, it is worthy of Doctor Who. Hope you can catch up on the missed sleep.

Wendy said...

yes i plan to nap this afternoon :)