Sunday, October 11, 2009

parsley, roses, frozen peas, friends and facebook

Now there's an intriguing post title isn't there.
Note I am not blogging about Australian Idol. Pink night has ruined for ever even though I am keeping an eye on the TV for Harry Connick Jnr.
However, when I wrote my list of things I was going to do today I neglected to include.

Cry as I said goodbye to one of my best friends ever as she drives off into the sunset of Brisbane tomorrow. This occurred this afternoon as she dropped off the remains of her freezer (three packets of frozen peas, two packets of frozen parmesan, butter, camembert and crackers). So she gave me a hug and we both burst into tears. Then she drove off.
I came back inside and in an self indulgent way updated my facebook status to the following "goodbyes are crap. crap I tells you". What followed was a crazy afternoon of webcam photos and comment threads the likes I hope my fb friends never have to suffer through again. Needless to say though I am now much less sad and still slightly giggling.

The events unfolded like this.
Wendy sits watching rage from last night and sees the video for "I want to be a punk rocker with flowers in her hair" or whatever it's called. She goes to youtube and posts it on her facebook profile.

The following comments ensue:
Wendy:no I really do;)
Andy: LOL
Wendy: Why will noone take me seriously
Andy:oh I do Wendy I really do
Emma: omg...a song I actaully know
Wendy: Andy...methinks you are being a little sarcastic
Wendy: Success finally Emma I would like to see you with flowers in your hair
Wendy:just for that i'm going out to the front yard to pick some roses and take a photo....maybe later
Andy:lol go on lol
Wendy: here it comes
Andy:woohoo - a punk rocker that i actually know
Wendy:check the's the worst...on my wall

Which led to me running out to the front garden, picking two roses, putting them behind one ear, taking a webcam photo and posting it on facebook.

That led to the following interchange.
Andy:LOL bet it has made you feel good WENDY DAVIS
Andy:a girl always feels great when they have flowers in their hair
Wendy:Well the bloody roses had thorns in them....but you're right "I felt pretty"...just like West Side Story...HAHAHA
Andy:haha you should have taken the thorns out first ---but yes you do look pretty , oh so pretty - you look pretty , witty and wise
Wendy:hahahaha...I am ACTUALLY loling at that....but can't guys wear flowers in their hair as well?
Andy:i spose they can - i never have ;)
Wendy:Well there's a first time for outside now....
Andy:hahaha there are no flowers around here :(
Wendy:just get a twig...or a weed out the garden or something...COME ON
Wendy:there must be greenery down there on the sunny coast somewhere
Andy: lol i will have a look
Wendy:I'll be waiting.....
Wendy:*taps fingers impatiently on computer desk*

And then...the most wonderful thing. Dear Andy went outside into his garden, picked some continental parsley, placed it behind his ears and took a photo, displaying it on facebook for all to see. I laughed so hard.

And if that weren't enough, I then posted the following status update:
Wendy: it's not every friend who will put parsley behind their eyes and post their photo on facebook. Thanks Andy. I'm still smiling :)

And then had to clarify...."ears" I meant "ears".

Because let's face it, parsley behind the eyes wouldn't be funny at all.


Anonymous said...

Your day was certainly one of ups and downs. Much more fun than the movie!!

Wendy said...

yes definitely ups and downs!! i haven't laughed that much for a long time. the power of facebook!