Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Saturday shop-a-thon continues

Well actually this morning it wasn't that much of a shop-a-thon.

And of course there was the usual Indulge breakfast. Mmmmmm. This morning I treated myself to crispy bacon with the eggs. Coffee was perfect.

I did buy three winter tshirts to take to Tasmania in November for 2.86 each at Target. On the chuck out racks at the front. Yes that's correct 2.86!!!

For the impulse option this morning I wandered around Nature's Emporium and bought some cute silver and labradorite earrings. I had never heard of labradorite but the stones change colours depending on the light. I think I shall wear them tonight with my black clothes for our choir concert. I also bought a big silver filigree ring. I love filigree jewellery.

That's all. Extremely restrained. It was probably good that I had checked my credit card balance before leaving the house. Just to give myself a little reality check.

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