Friday, April 30, 2010

Phew: Well at least the house didn't burn down

Well really wasn't I doing so well with my daily Eisteddfod updates until Wednesday. After that the wheels started to fall off the wagon. I got tired, sometimes a little bit snappy and basically was not anywhere near my computer. Therefore, no fascinating posts to read.

So let's see - On Thursday morning I wore my green silk wrap around skirt and green tshirt. Then I perspired my way through a morning session at the Parish Hall which is sans airconditioning, so I had to change at lunchtime into cutoff jeans and the coolest tshirt I own. Much better. It was a marathon day though. I didn't get home until 1am. The cat was not impressed with the lack of dinner. I also discovered that I had left the iron on for 24 hours. Amazingly the house did not burn down. It wasn't even very hot. Phew! Crisis averted.

Today I had to Go To Work. Blah...not nearly as interesting as Eisteddfod stuff. Then I spent the afternoon madly trying to ring people to put together a Gala Concert - TA DA! In between this my mother and I paid a visit to Officeworks where the friendly staff girl photocopied us 200 copies of the program and we browsed amongst the stationery while we waited. I nearly bought a new phone case. The power of suggestion is indeed powerful.

And then, this evening, the final concert and presentation of awards. I wore my most colourful skirt which I had bought on special at The Tree of Life last visit to Brisbane. It is very long and swishy and I love wearing it. We then went to the Brothers' Club - very seedy and scary Bundy nightlife but I did splash out and drink a green tea. Good laughs and conversation.

Tired now.

I plan to spend the weekend doing nothing, in between watching all the TV I have recorded during the week.


The Second Half said...

Hope you have had a good rest at the weekend, your week sounded exhausting and fun!

Wendy said...

It was definitely both those things. I have had lots of naps over the weekend. Back to reality today!