Saturday, April 2, 2011

the dreaded double u-turn

I caught up on last week's Amazing Race just in time for the next episode tomorrow night. I was not particularly sad to cheerleaders Jamie and Cara eliminated. However, it was the shocking behaviour at the double u-turn that was most delightful. My favourite dating goths, Kent and Vyxsin u-turned Jamie and Cara right in front of them! Awesome moment until Jamie and Cara then u-turned the Harlem Globetrotters who are somewhat inexplicably called Flight Time and Big Easy. I am guessing these are not the names on their birth certificates. Father and daughter Ron and Christina continued to bicker through the challenges. And the other father and daughter team of Gary and Mallory (who is like an excitable, squealing small animal) were so full of good cheer and humour they were unbelievable. Sisters Jen and Kisha, mother and son, Margie and Luke just got on with business. They are all impressive competitors. The Cowboys Jet and Cord (again with the names!) managed to keep their hats on and not run last for a change. And Zev and Justin only just scraped through. Meanwhile, the dinosaur challenge sorted the wheat from the chaff. And that chaff was the cheerleaders. Finally I'd like to shout out a special mention to Channel Seven for showing a promo for tomorrow night's episode that gave away who was about to be eliminated. Good work indeed.

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