Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sadly, no chorus or jazz hands

So yesterday was Monday and what a Monday it was. Firstly, it was long. I was at work from 8:30 until 8pm. Then I went to choir and got home at 10. My tasks at work included some mild procrastinating, emails,marking, making a powerpoint slide, fixing a presentation for yesterday evening, giving a presentation yesterday evening at the "Research Showcase" (sadly, no chorus line or jazz hands, although I did crack some jokes which some people smiled kindly at), mingling and "engaging with members of the community" - mostly sciencey, agriculture people - you can only imagine how interested they were in a television studies research person who talked to them about critically reflecting on one's own practice as an educator to identify the assumptions which frames one's work. Safe to say, no-one came and asked questions of me at the end. The upside of this was that I could enjoy the food which for once was not the usual dire buffet of finger food one finds at such events. There was also wine although I did not partake of it because I had to speak, and then I had to go and sing and play the piano. When I got to choir late they were singing Streets of London. It really is a very pretty song. And then we practised our music for the Eisteddfod. We have a pre-Eisteddfod concert on Sunday. I am now singing first alto in the unaccompanied Sacred piece, and tenor in the madrigals. The tenor line goes just a little bit low in some places for my "range" (posh musical term for the highest and lowest notes I can sing with ease). For instance the F and E below Middle C are a little bit of a stretch. Still, madrigals are so much fun to sing and the tenor often has a great part. Then we finished with our accompanied Sacred piece, a short bouncy chorus from Judas Maccabeus by Handel. So I played the piano for that. My happy music mood was soured slightly by an officious email from an Eisteddfod committee member. I hate getting those kind of emails any time, but late at night is even more frustrating as it interrupts my sleep. Still, I have replied in professional manner this morning and there it lies.
Welcome Tuesday!


The Second Half said...

I haven't heard of the Streets of London song for such a long time. I wish I could have heard your group singing it, it has always been one of my favourites. Will you be able to put some of your performances on your blog? Would be so amazing to hear!

2paw said...

You would ave been my favourite speaker and afterwards I would have monopolised your and asked lots f questions, You are better off with the tasty food.
Oh, emails don't convey tone very well do they?? I am glad you took the higher road!!
It's is a good thing you have choir to cheer you up, even with the low notes!!

Wendy said...

That is a nice thing to say 2paw! Emails are very difficult aren't they. I sometimes think people don't read over what they have read...and in important ones they need to.
The low notes leave me with a slightly husky voice the next morning!

I will have to try and get someone to record our songs at a concert...the only recording device is my phone though. perhaps I will go searching on youtube in the meantime!