Saturday, April 9, 2011

tonight at Wendy's

Did I tell you how much I enjoyed Tony Martin's A Quiet Word with Alan Davies last Saturday night? Probably not. Well, anyway, I really did. Mr Martin's interviewing skills were lovely, in an easy-going chit chat kind of way, without the slight smuggishness that so characterised Andrew Denton's more recent work. He was always my favourite on The Late Show. What I mean is, (unlike Mr Denton) it didn't sound like he was showing off when he asked his questions, even though he had clearly done some research. I thought he set a delightful mood. Tonight, he interviews one of my heroes, Rhys Darby (aka Murray Hewitt) from New Zealand. That's right....Band Meeting...Present. If you didn't watch it last week, then watch it tonight. Of course, I am slightly conflicted because Rockwiz is on at the same time, but my dear people that is what a dvd recorder that can record two channels at once is for. I save Rockwiz as a special treat for later on.

Last night I fell asleep during New Tricks. I'm sure it wasn't the quality of the program. I was tired. I managed to stay awake through Miranda - which has grown on me upon second viewing. Sadly, last night was the final episode. And please don't judge me, but tonight I am recording "He Just not that into you" or whatever the heck that film is called. Because, there was no way I was paying money at the cinema or video shop to watch, but now that it is free I feel I can give some of hard drive space to it and fast forward through the bad, boring parts. We all need to watch some ordinariness now and then, otherwise how would we tell what we really enjoy?


2paw said...

I thoroughly enjoyed it too, and like you I felt that he let Alan Davies be the most important person. It was very good. I loved The Late Show and The D Generations, where they thought Jane Austen was a car!!!
Last New Tricks next week, and then: Repeats. Why?? Repeats of Midsomer Murders after this last John Nettles episode too. On Sunday night. It is very poor.
I agree, two channels at once is a boon, and yes, one does have to watch ordinary things, to keep up, and I love fast forwarding. My recorder has 1/3 fast forward where everyone talks quite quickly but you can still understand them!!! I watch the driving parts of Morse like that

Wendy said...

My mother who is a Midsomer Murders fanatic tells me that more have been made post John Nettles. Why not just get on and show them! I guess we can look forward to the new Doctor Who though on April 30.
Sometimes I'm watching something I've recorded and forget that it's not the real TV and find myself watching the ads thinking "Hurry up"...eventually, I usually remember :-)

The Second Half said...

There are more Midsomer Murders to come and while it's not the same as having the Tom we always know, by the end of the second John one, I was quite getting to like him. There are new Lewis ones on the way too!
Thanks for mentioning the Alan Davies with Tony Martin. I'd completely missed it, and now I'm watching it on I-View !! Have to agree with both of you about him. :)