Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here we go eisteddfodding

It's been a delightful Easter break, filled with slothfulness, rocky road, and some writing and assignmenting. Mainly however there has been slothfulness of varying types including watching televsion, watching films, reading and sleeping. This morning is a special day because I was out of bed before 8:30. Needless to say I am not particularly looking forward to the return of the work routine tomorrow morning. That is in the future though so I will ignore it for now. The only busy day was Friday which was filled with Eisteddfodding in Maryborough. Choir went down to compete in two sections - the Sacred Choral contest and the Open Madrigal Section. We are small in comparison to most of the other choirs who take at least 5 minutes to all get on the stage and seem to number almost 100 singers. That's more than double our size. And no matter how much talk there is of, "doing your best" "winning isn't important" etc etc everyone secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) wants to win. Some of the conductors take it VERY seriously, particularly in their choreographed conducting style which is sometimes quite amusing. The accompanists also appear very self-important appearing on the stage during the madrigal section simply to dong out the starting notes for the singers. We don't do that as our conductor uses a tuning fork and quietly and unobtrusively gives the notes for each part. This is much more classy in my opinion. I caught up with some Maryborough/Hervey Bay friends who I hadn't seen in years which was lovely and we were all home and tucked up in bed by midnight.
Oh yes, and we were Highly Commended in both our sections. I nearly forgot!

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