Monday, April 11, 2011

Rant complete

Here's my rant for Monday morning.

With every good intention of turning over a new leaf of exercise and well being I got up half an hour earlier in order to fit in both meditation and exercise. Tick. Yay for me.

Then I stupidly returned to my usual routine of breakfast accompanied by the internet. The following delightful emails were waiting for me. 1. An explicable email from the university's promotions person saying that had not received anything from me re promoting our program AFTER I HAD SENT A LONG EMAIL LAST THURSDAY. 2. An email from a student who, due to his religious beliefs he will be absent for approximately ten days and you know, "we'll still be able to contact him while he's away" etc etc. Like heck we will. 3. Rejection of abstract. Very nicely worded and encouraging but nonetheless they don't want it. Am I setting my sights to high? Am I kidding myself that I have any time to give the mental energy to research? Should I chuck the whole thing in? You know, the usual thoughts. 4. My grandmother is in the hospital (note: this was a telephone call not an email). There is nothing visibly or physically wrong with her. This is a recurring event. 5. The email about the flyer for my book launch is still sitting there. If I wait for it to "go through marketing" there is every chance that the launch will be over before the "approved flyer" returns. Given the fact that the university contributed nothing towards the publication of the book I don't see why I should I have to rely on their marketing approval. So I won't be. I shall make and print my own flyer and hand/email to anyone I like. 6. Email from music shop. "We've run out of Music Eisteddfod Programs". Yes, lovely. Because just what I feel like doing today at work, in between preparing and teaching a class on annotated bibliographies, dealing with staff and student problems, finalising my marking, liaising with the library regarding our information literacy sessions and other unexpected delights, is to stand at the photocopier and make some more booklets.

Rant complete.


2paw said...

Oh dear, and I thought Monday was just getting her act together. I hope that you can sort out the List, and that your nan is feeling well again soon. Of curse the Uni doesn't want to pay or support you, they just want all the credit!!!

Wendy said...

I shouldn't whinge and whine really. The highlight of the day was my lovely class and the free bananas a friend had bought at the markets yesterday! They're up to 15 dollars a kilo in some shops up here!!