Sunday, August 14, 2011

free shirt and cap

I am up bright and early for a Sunday morning. This is because some weeks ago I blithely agreed to "man" a stand at our campus Open Day. That day is today. As you might imagine now the day has arrived I am less enthused. So now I have to shower and dress in my free university logo polo shirt and black pants (denim not allowed according to the "briefing" from marketing) and go to uni for the day. Did I also mention I get a free university logo cap? No? Well, who wouldn't want to go to work on a Sunday for a free cap? I shall be giving it to my father at the end of the day. Lucky him.


2paw said...

Oh no, I was imagining you spending your last 'holiday' in a very different way. Still, a free cap. Wow. Denim can be very smart. I am sure you would not have turned up inn ripped jeans. Hope you have a good day regardless.

Wendy said...

I also got a free pen, a free bottle of water and free lunch. I have now a monster headache. I have taken two panadols and will now attempt to plan my lessons for the week.