Friday, August 12, 2011

holidays: I'm doing them wrong

So this week I have officially been on holidays. All that really means is that I didn't go into work (except for Tuesday and Thursday for an hour each time). Unofficially, I have been answering work emails, putting out little work fires, responding to questions from students, looking at drafts of their first assessments, taking care of a PhD student's confirmation document, finishing a rewrite of a paper and doing my library study. The only fun part was the study. I also cleaned out my wardrobe, taught the piano Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, accompanied Tuesday afternoon and went to choir on Monday. The most holiday-like I got was beginning a 30 Rock marathon starting from Season One. I have managed to laugh out loud a couple of times. That's got to be good for me right?
Back to work (officially) on Monday.


2paw said...

Anticipation's better than when you've got it - some strange unGoogle-able song lyric I remember form my youth!!
I think 30Rock is very under appreciated here. I am a big fan and I laugh out loud too!!

Wendy said...

I don't laugh out loud very often but 30 rock works for me! I'm into season 2 now. It just gets better :-)

FCTweedie said...

A bit like the 'day off' that turns into a 'day on', holidays can be exhausting!

Wendy said...

So true!!