Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am all waltzed out

I went to work.
The day was turned upside down - administrivia in the morning, book writing and filing of readings in the afternoon
There was pavlova and profiteroles at morning tea - a farewell for a corridor colleague.
I ate both pavlova and a profiterole.
I reviewed two course profiles for Term 1 2009.
I taught my lovely piano student this afternoon. She brought me a bag of tomatoes and homegrown cucumbers.
The whippersnipper -debussy incident (see post below)
I chased the cat off the christmas decorations for what seemed like the millionth time.
I'm not sure who will break first - me or the cat. The standoff has been going on since Saturday.
It was my Grandma's birthday so she came over for dinner with the family.
There was more Andre Rieu after the cake.
I am now all waltzed out and drinking chamomile tea in recovery.


Catriona said...

I think in the Christmas decorations standoff, my money would be on the cat.

Back when we had cats, their sole interest at the end of the year was destroying their sworn enemy, the glass Christmas baubles. They'd knock one off the tree and then bat it around the room until it smashed on a skirting board or chair leg. Then they'd get another one.

I don't think you can win this one.

Wendy said...

I thought I was being clever in not going for a tree with attractive baubles that cats would like to swat at. Instead I bought some silver bullrush looking things with a mixture of a blue and silver little twigs and and put them in a vase.
the vase was the mistake becasue I think the cat believes there is water in there for him to drink so i appear and find him with his head stuck in the vase.
We are now down to a once a day shout-fest "NO GET DOWN FROM THERE" (me not the cat) which he politely ignores. and then when I give him a little swat he gets most affronted and swans off.
(I still have to remember to move the vase into my bedroom and shut the door everytime I go out).

I think you're right though...I'm not going to win

your xmas lights are fantastic btw!

John said...

"Never try to out-stubborn a cat," the Notebooks of Lazarus Long.

(Yes, I know: I'm outing myself as a Heinlein reader)

Wendy said...

Well I'm going to try!!

(i've also been spending some time on wikipedia to find out just who Lazarus Long might it!)

Catriona said...

A cat with whom I once shared a house got his head stuck inside my high-ball glass while I was playing a video game, trying to get to the last inch of water.

Unfortunately for him, I was laughing too hard to be of any real assistance: he had to get himself out of his pickle.

And thanks! I love my lights, too--that's why I have next to no decorations. Too much distraction from the lights.