Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my all time favourite election analyst

I just love a good TV election coverage, so it's lucky for me that I'm on a sick day today and can watch the US election unfolding. My, those American news broadcasters are slick. There also seem to be more snazzy technologies and visuals (electronic maps, predictive graphs etc) than we have in the Australian elections. The one thing missing though is my all time favourite ABC election analyst, Antony Green. There was mention of "bellweather" states a moment ago though which was pleasing....I so enjoy a little election jargon.

(On a whinging note, however, Facebook was annoying me this morning with its bold instruction on the login page that I vote. Surprising as it may seem people in charge of Facebook, we don't all live in the USA. Shocking, I know. Don't they have the technology to localise this? Is it something to do with my settings?)

Still, it's all very exciting.

And post acceptance speech:
There is definitely a space being opened here through Obama's victory for a politics of hope, with a connection between drawn from JFK and Martin Luther King. Let's all hope the words are matched with actions, because the weight of expectation now looks very, very heavy.

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