Thursday, November 20, 2008

I really must improve my filing skills

The reason why I have been unable to locate my copy (for at least 12 months) of John Corner's excellent and very useful article "Performing the Real: Documentary Diversions" (2002) is because it was in the "D" file ( I presume for documentary) rather than the "C"(for Corner which is where it should have been).

In the last few days I have also found a reading by Lyotard in the "B" file and an article by Mimi White in "A".

I really must improve my filing skills.

And my memory.

And my basic knowledge of the alphabet it seems.


alison said...

Oh, but filing is the bane of our existence. I have file piles. By topic.

One day I'll work out if anything is in the right pile.

Wendy said...

oh I agree most definitely! I also tend to accumulate file piles....except they are less by topic...well not specific topics anyway...more like "articles i ahve printed and copied because they looked mildly relevant and maybe I'll read them one day" or
"teaching stuff from term 1 that maybe i need to keep for a while longer in case a student asks a question about a mark" know specific categories like that!