Wednesday, November 26, 2008

modern gardening equipment vs piano impressionists

Why does my new next door neighbour feel the need to whippership right next to our boundary fence while I am trying to search iTunes for Debussy's Prelude "the sunken cathedral". It's a very quiet and atmospheric piece. I can't remember the French and so am relying on the little iTunes previews. Whipper snipper is drowning them out because of my computer's fairly ordinary sound system. He has a whole acre of backyard. So why my fenceline at this particular moment in time?
Whipper snipper will win out every time.


djfoobarmatt said...

I have a limited Debussy collection (Afternoon of a Fawn, Le Petit Negre?, and Clair de lune). Did you find the Sunken Catheral? We studied it briefly in grade 10 music and I remember it being a stand-out.

Wendy said...

well you've definitely got the classics there and that's all i've ever had in my cd collection. the two books of piano preludes are wonderful too (where the sunken cathedral comes from)...but some very difficult to play well! my student has got the notes under control mostly now but really needs to hear it to get the idea of the overarching story and picture he paints. I managed to find a daniel barenboim and one other version so bought them both!
that was a good year 10 music class to be looking at the impressionists!