Saturday, November 15, 2008


My Deals Direct phone bargain arrived today. Well, yesterday actually but because I wasn't home when the parcel man came by tooting his horn, I had to go to the Post Office this morning and pick it up. I was very excited because it was like a birthday present. Needless to say I was quite peeved then that today was the day Ergon Energy chose to turn the power off for six hours while they install new telephone poles up the road. This meant the new exciting toy/ present bought for self had to sit in pieces until 2pm this afternoon. And then, I very cleverly worked out how to put it together and which plugs to plug which cords into (I know this sounds extremely basic but I am not very technical!). And then nothing happened. No lights came on the display, and when I rang it from my mobile - nuffing. Well, the little light on the base flicked but the phone was dormant. So I read through the whole manual which really had not one useful troubleshooting hint in it. Except it noted that if the batteries are really flat it can take a "few moments" for the battery charging icon to appear on the display. After three hours I decided that those "few moments" were probably passed. So, using great powers of ingenuity and deduction I decided there must be an actual problem with the battery. I pulled them out and put them back in again....and it started charging on the display. That wasn't in the manual.

Now, to work out how to turn on the caller ID promised in the manual.

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