Saturday, September 26, 2009

Satisfying Saturday in the Main Street

I know you all eagerly await news of my Saturday shopping purchases so here we go.

The Darjeeling Limited - 12.99
Fame - 8.99
The Office (US Version Season One) - 12.99

(Target is having a sale on DVDs, so the above were irresistible.)

One pair of denim below the knee pants. I didn't try them on in the shop so they may yet be returned.

One Indulge breafast - poached eggs, roasted cherry tomato, toast and coffee.

One Indulge Gunpowder Green Tea.

All in all, it was a satisfying morning in the main street, only slightly marred by the fact that on meeting my mother and sister for breakfast, my sister and I were wearing the same T-shirt. Accidentally, you understand. We took a photo. I shall not inflict it upon you here. It's really more of a Facebook kind of thing.

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