Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Wendy Watched: Oh yeah. Cool. That was me.

Ah Wednesday. Spicks and Specks evening. There's nothing like a little TV routine is there?

Let's see what fun the SandS gang are having tonight shall we. First we must sit through some boring promos for QandA. Oh and some ABC shop products. I don't think I need the sporting anthems cd really. It does have the theme from Rocky though. No, wait, that's reason NOT to buy it. And no, I didn't miss The Librarians. Well I did. But on purpose. Not a fan I have to say.

Will I have to wait through a news update? Yes apparently. Vet, Hendra virus. Very sad. Economic growth. All fighting to take credit. How very interesting. Earthquake. Sounds scary. Always good to mention a tsunami. I just need to know who does Jenny Woodward's hair. Because it's not doing well at the moment. Perhaps time for a change?

Oh but wait, there's more. Something about Custer. I don't want to reexamine history thanks all the same. They make it sound interesting but I doubt if it is. Midsomer Murders. Dull, but pretty to look at the gardens.

Now surely, the show begins. Oh...but we must have a promo for something about the Exxon Valdez disaster. And ANOTHER promo for The Librarians. Desperation for ratings. Oooo just remembered I recorded The Wire. Apparently it rated well. Might save it for the weekend.

Now FINALLY starting. Lalalalala.

Hello Adam! Guests: Someone we've never heard of from an "indie duo". Dave Hughes - did anyone say overexposure? Paul Gray from Wa Wa Nee!! A comedian...didn't catch the name. Whatever. Amanda Keller lookalike really.
Boring conversation about Eminem.
Way too much opening discussion here. Let's get to the games.

Topics...good. 2000 OZ and 80s OZ.
The Vines...where are they now?
More chit chat. Get on with it. Now to the 80s. The Models - James Freud. Nice.
Gee Chantoozies. Haven't heard them mentioned for some time.
Where does the name Wa Wa Nee come from. Not really very interesting either. This is turning into a really boring episode. Except of course for the 80s mullet action from Paul Gray. At least he has a sense of humour about himself. Ooops. Now we're reenacting Myf's teenage years.

GET ON WITH THE QUESTIONS. (I'm quietly shouting at the TV in my mind. So as not to scare the cat you understand)

Ah the auction question round. Those Kiss cups are pretty cool. But surely the Kiss guitar would be more than the cups. Hmm they got the order totally wrong. Surprise.
And now Elvis items. Oh that jumpsuit is classy. Oh and they're all wrong also. Nooooo.

Backwards played songs. This is fun. Lily Allen, Cher, more faffing about. Bobby McFerrin. These seem suspiciously easy. Jimi Hendrix, John Farnham. Oh You're the Voice. I saw John Farnham in 1990 at the Bundaberg Showgrounds. Support act Daryl Braithwaite. Oh yeah. Cool. That was me.

They're really fond of this mini keyboard playing game lately. Mr Wa Wa Nee is playing for Myf's team. It's quite boring really.

And now for Dave. Cue much hilarity. Because he's really bad. Get it. Oh dear I'm becoming slightly sarcastic of the innocent charms of Spicks and Specks. That was painful. How did they not pick Don't Get Me Wrong? One more to suffer through. Done good.

And now for the final round. Quickfire responses. Woooo. A TISM question. Good-o.

Hmmm. I just don't know if that was the most entertaining episode. But still, better than watching paint dry.Maybe.

Bizarre final musical act. A 10 year old singing Sweet Child O Mine. Junior Australian Idol anyone? Oh she's going for the big bridge as well. Where are her parents? Huge voice though.

Quick turning off The Librarians.


2paw said...

Thank you, you have saved me from wasting 25 minutes of my life!! I have recorded The Wire too. It has Idris Elba from Ultraviolet. Very good show. I think the success, or not, of S&S really rests with the guests. The big 200 show is coming soon. I am v v tired of all the promos and ads on the ABC. I had to set the DVR to tape an extra 10 minutes at the end of Spooks when it was on to compensate. How is your DVR/DVD?? I take it is is back and working well???

Wendy said...

Happy to be of service! Yes the dvr is back and seems to be fine now. I think they replaced the disc tray. I am very careful when i use it though! I always set for extra time now on every channel. Got caught out a couple of weeks ago and missed the end of Big Bang Theory. Disaster! :)

Catriona said...

I am so pleased to have found someone else who doesn't like The Librarians! It seems wildly popular among my family and friends (especially those friends who are librarians, but they get a pass), and yet I really couldn't cope with it.

I'm not a fan of comedy of (unalleviated) embarrassment generally. That show was definitely not for me.

(On the other hand, I was and remain a massive fan of Ultraviolet. Just not enough to make me watch The Wire, brilliant though I hear it is.)

Wendy said...

what was weird with the librarians is that i like comedy in that style in other programs (chris lilley, even fawlty towers). I just don't think the librarians gets it right somehow. but then because i haven't been watching it I can't be any articulate as to why that might be. i'm the same though. lots of people seem to like it and i don't understand why?

i haven't got to the wire yet. i'm hoping it's not all hype.

Catriona said...

I'm no fan of Chris Lilley, I admit. (Fawlty Towers in unmitigated genius, of course.)

I really don't like comedy of embarrassment. I can cope with a small amount of it, worked in with other types of comedy: Green Wing, for example.

But pure comedy of embarrassment? We watched The Office and then tried watching the first season of Extras, but I just find spending half an hour curled into a foetal position to avoid watching the character's inevitable humiliation just so tiring, you know?

I've heard nothing but good things of The Wire. And, hey: President Obama likes it! But, then, I heard nothing but good things of Mad Men, either, and I know you didn't like that one. (I never even tried to watch it. Bad timing.)

Wendy said...

I liked We Can Be Heroes better than Summer Heights High just like I loved The Office yet Extras left me a little cold. I think I need to think about this as to what the difference is. Perhaps it's to do with the supporting characters who function as the eyes and ears of the presumed audience? I'm not sure. You're right though...these programs are never easy to watch because sometimes they are just so black.
Just imagine if The Librarians had the Presidential Seal of Approval!