Friday, September 18, 2009

What Wendy Watched: Darn

Glee was a repeat of episode one. Darn.
Now I have to wait until next Thursday at 7:30.

And then I forgot about the Skippy documentary. Darn again.

All in all not the most exciting What Wendy Watched post I grant you.


2paw said...

I know!! I was a tad sad when I realised Glee was a repeat. Looking forward to next week's episode though. Ch 10 say they are keeping Glee where it is,but we shall see. Have emailed you re the Roo.

Mione said...

Hey Wendy,
Any chance you recorded it?? I have managed to miss both the preview and the repeat... grrr... damn rehearsals on a Thursday night.

Wendy said...

oh Mione! no I didn't I'm sorry to say. because i had watched it before i didn't bother.....I'm sure there's someone at theatre who would have. fingers crossed!